How to Incorporate Milk into your Family’s Daily Routine

These recipes make it easy to provide your family with essential nutrients they need!

December 18, 2020

For breakfast my son had his favorite cereal with milk poured almost to the brim of the bowl — just how he does every morning before logging on with his class on a Zoom call. 

For lunch, my daughter took a break from online schoolwork and made herself this cute puppy peanut butter sandwich, with an ice-cold tall glass of Hood Milk on the side.

For dinner, my husband —coming up for air from his work-from-home day — created a yummy cheesy chicken and artichoke pasta dish, made creamy with three cups of Hood Milk.

It got me thinking about how much we incorporate Hood Milk into our family's daily routine, and how — no matter how much else has changed for us in 2020 — Hood Milk has been a constant in our house. This year hasn't changed the fact that milk is the go-to drink choice of my kids, and makes the coffee just right for my husband and me each morning. 

We always have Hood Milk in the fridge — along with a variety of other Hood products, from Hood Cream to Hood Cottage Cheese,  because I feel good about their products and the fact that the protein, calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients found in abundance in Hood Milk are good for me and my kids -- making our teeth and bones strong, and helping my kids maintain a healthy weight and keep up their energy throughout their busy days.


Want to incorporate more milk into your family's everyday routine? Check out Hood's website where they have dozens of recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizers, beverages and dessert — that's where we found the recipe for the cheesy chicken and artichoke dish and the cute puppy peanut butter sandwich.