Become the Publisher for Macaroni Kid Old Lyme-Madison-Shoreline Towns

September 5, 2020

Have you always wanted to find a flexible, work from home opportunity that allows you to entertain your kids, enrich your community, and earn you an income? 

Macaroni Kid is continuing to grow our footprint and parents are relying on our publishers now more than ever to help find their family fun. 

Macaroni Kid is a network of 500+ hardworking, self-driven women (and a few men) who work from home, enriching their communities, all while still nurturing their homes and families. As a Macaroni Kid Publisher, you create a weekly e-newsletter of family events and activities in your community. You connect with other local parents and let them know about your website and then you share the scoop with your readers. Once you have built your community, you can partner with local businesses to generate revenue.

Unlike many other business options, you keep 100% of what you sell. No buying merchandise and selling to your friends, no upfront investment, and no commissions... you keep everything that you make. You can even barter for things you need like your kids' dance class, home cleaning, summer camp, and more.

“Macaroni Kid has allowed me to truly find my calling. I have enjoyed other jobs before, but I’ve never been passionate about it. Doing something that brings me joy, allows me to give back to my community, has given me friendships and sisters, allows me to give my family vacations and experiences we wouldn’t have easily been able to do, all while being home when my kids are sick, have snow days, and all summer long is something I never would have dreamed was even possible.” Jen S.

Sounds fun, right!? It is and you should join us.

Learn more about becoming a Macaroni Kid Publisher today by visiting or emailing to find out if your community is available.